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The event has been postponed to February and we will communicate the date shortly. The objective of the public dialogue was to explore what challenges and opportunities the public has concerning genome editing uses in fundamental research, what similarities and differences exist across countries, and how research organisations should communicate and engage with society about this emerging technology in their research.

The ORION public dialogue took place in 2019-2020 in four European countries where the ORION partaking organisations are located, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and the UK. At this launch event we will bring together a range of stakeholders who participated in the dialogue from scientists, research funding organisations, evaluators, public engagement professionals, market research organisation Ipsos MORI and other experts, to discuss the findings, similarities and differences across countries, and to deliberate on their impact for research funding and performing organisations. 

Join this event to discuss with us how this public dialogue can contribute to inform strategies and the wider responsible research and innovation global efforts.

For more information about this event please get in touch with Emma Martinez, Public Engagement Officer at Babraham Institute.

Further reading

Public dialogue in Cambridge November 2019 Photo: Maria Hagardt, VA Public & Science
Public dialogue in Cambridge November 2019 Photo: Maria Hagardt, VA Public & Science
AEON exhibition in Stockholm
Public dialogue participants attending the AEON arts exhibition in Stockholm Photo: Ben Libberton, VA Pulic & Science