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Within ORION we will generate new training programmes and modules, targeting young researchers, established scientists and professionals working in funding agencies, to raise knowledge about Open Science and RRI principles and practices, therefore enriching the current collections (e.g. RRI-Tools and FOSTER training platforms).

We will also co-design and perform “co-creation experiments” with different groupings of actors. By designing and implementing the experiments together with different stakeholders, we will apply the RRI principles to reflect on the scientific process and governance. We will use these challenges as case studies to try out different co-design/co-creation methods with multiple stakeholders, and engaging unusual blends of actors, e.g. funders and citizens, or researchers, industry and citizens. We will identify drivers and barriers, interests and values, and in some cases produce “prototypes”, in the format of new projects, new research and funding frameworks, and perhaps even products. Among others, ORION will organize Public dialogues and Citizen Science projects.