Case Studies

Here are 3 case studies that can be used in short workshops to stimulate discussion about open science principles and practical actions. The case studies outline 3 scenarios loosely tied to aspects of open access, open data, and public engagement. The scenarios are composites of real life situations and dilemmas...

Computer games

Gamification can be an innovative and fun way to engage specific audiences in complex issues and spur interest in science. By playing the Genigma game you will help researchers at Centre for Genomic Regulation to discover genomic alterations in cancer cells. In Virus fighter you will discover more about the spread of viral outbreaks, the importance of vaccinations and learn how to make informed decisions. Game on!


15 brief, informative, and easy-to-understand one-page factsheets on Open Science topics: 1. Biohacking and DIYBio Research 2. Career Benefits of Open Science 4. Commercialisation of Research 5. Communicating Animal Research 6. Crowd Science 7. Research Data Management 8. Open Access 9. Open Research Data 10. Open Source and Software 11....

Open Science E-learning platform

The free Open Science E-learning platform developed by CEITEC at Masaryk University contains four lessons on different aspects of Open Science. After finishing the different courses you will; understand the concept and principles of Open Science, know about publishing in Open Access, be familiar with Open Science data management practices...

Open Science Researcher Checklist

How can you make your science more open? The ORION training team has developed a step-by-step checklist for researchers to assess where they can make changes to open science practices in their day-to-day research.

ORION Open Educational Resources on Zenodo

All the Open Science training resources and materials created by the ORION project are freely available as part of a Zenodo collection. They can be downloaded and reused by anyone under a CC-BY license.

ORION Train-the-Trainer course

The ORION ‘Train-the-Trainer’ course was developed to help Open Science advocates and stakeholders learn from the training that has been delivered throughout the project and equip them with the skills to run their own training. The online course was created on OpenLearnCreate, a platform created and hosted by the Open...

ORION YouTube videos

Learn more about how to engage citizens with science, implement Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation in your work and organisation from our ORION YouTube channel. The video library give an overview of the different activities run during the ORION project as well as recordings from our major conferences....


The podcast is hosted by Luiza Bengtsson, Emma Harris, and Zoe Ingram from the Communications department at the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC). On behalf of the ORION project, Luiza, Emma, and Zoe have been developing a whole range of training resources about Open Science for researchers, including workshops and online materials. The podcast is intended to be an easy and entertaining way to learn more about Open Science and research.

The ORION MOOC for Open Science in the Life Sciences

This online course will help researchers to share their science with the world! Six easily digestible modules will explore different aspects of Open Science and allow researchers in life sciences to gain a certificate in Open Science. The modules are on Data Management, FAIR Data, Open Access and Publishing, and...