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The ORION project is launching a funding call for novel co-creation initiatives to open up research in life sciences and biomedicine. This call will provide funding of up to 100,000€ for a project that brings together a variety of different participants from across a range of sectors to co-create a new project or product based around life sciences research.

ORION Citizen science call open

What is Co-creation?

Co-creation brings together different stakeholders to share their interests and values and generate new ideas, concepts, products or projects. In co-creative projects, all groups are involved and have influence throughout the project lifecycle: from planning, to implementation, to dissemination.

What Kinds of Project Will Be Funded?

The aim of this call is to make research activities in life sciences and biomedicine more open, transparent, accessible, relevant and impactful for research and for society. The call is very open and we encourage you to be as imaginative as possible.

To be eligible, projects must be based around research in the life sciences/biomedicine and involve at least three different stakeholders. One stakeholder must be an ORION partner, but others involved can come from a variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to: academia, industry, government, funders, regulators, educators, charities, civil societies, patient groups and the general publics.

Projects should have the following characteristics:

  • Research-related: Building on a relevant research topic in life sciences/biomedicine and directly engaging researchers, especially early stage researchers.
  • Co-creative: Including at least three different stakeholder groups throughout the whole lifetime of the project, to produce a new product, programme, policy or project.
  • Innovative: Original and inventive ideas are encouraged. Classic public engagement and two-way stakeholder projects will not be considered (e.g. scientific cafés, school workshops, academia-industry collaborations etc.).
  • Relevant and impactful: Addressing their relevance to society and how they will achieve long-term impacts.
  • ORION-aligned: Projects should follow Open Science and RRI principles. Projects are also encouraged to include an international dimension.

For more details, and inspiration on co-creation in research, please see the project guidelines.

How do I apply?

This call will be open from Tuesday 25th June 2019 until 12:00 CET on 30th September 2019. Note that this call has been closed.

Applicants should read the guidelines and complete the template provided. Proposals should be no longer than two sides of A4 (min 11pt, single spaced, 2cm margins). Completed proposals should be saved as a single PDF file.