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The Benefits of Open Science For You! The European Commission has pledged its support to improve accessibility and openness in science, but what does this mean for researchers?

In this training session, organised by the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC)  as part of the ORION Open Science H2020 project, the concepts of Open Science will be explained and explored. This highly interactive workshop will allow participants to gain a strong understanding of the current situation, as well as planning how to make practical and effective changes to incorporate Open Science principles in the research process and improve their scientific practice. 


09:00 Start

  • Stage 1: Identifying Challenges, Criticisms, and Better Worlds in Research
  • Stage 2: Personalizing Open Science Topics
  • Stage 3: Developing Action Plans

Including two coffee breaks and a lunch break

17:00 Finish

Trainers: Dr Luiza Bengtsson (ORION WP4 Leader) and Dr Emma Harris (ORION Training Developer) at MDC Berlin.

Registration is now open via the MDC website.

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