D2.1. Scheme for data collection

Deliverable D2.1. includes information on the scheme to collect existing data that are relevant for 2 project tasks, one related to self-assessment among the participating RFPOs and the other to map current areas of interest regarding Open Science and RRI principles available in academic literature and performing a public surveys...

D2.2 Questionnaire for self-assessment on Open Science

In order to help other Research Funding and Performing Organizations (RFPOs) who are interested in carrying out self-assessment on Open Science, we are making the questionnaire used in the large-scale quantitative analysis available.

D2.3 Public attitudes to life sciences research in six European countries

Our survey "Public attitudes to life sciences research in six European countries" shows that interest in life sciences research is generally high among citizens and that the three most accepted purposes of using genome editing are related to the medical field. 6000 persons were interviewed in this pan-European study which...

D3.1 Menu of co-creation methods

The menu of co-creation tools was designed to provide support and ideas to ORION partners and the wider community in facilitating co-creation experiments. It was developed through desk research and consultation with research funding and performing organisations already participating or hosting co-creation experiments.

D4.1 Optimised offline and online trainings

Since the beginning of the project, WP4 has been building online and offline trainings in Open Science and RRI. This process has included a gap analysis of existing training in European Life Science institutes, pilot workshops for funders and researchers, and finally optimised workshops which offer a flexible yet consistent...

D6.2 ORION website and institutional webpages on OS

The ORION website is one of the main dissemination channels for the project and its activities. Also each participating RFPO created a dedicated webpage to Open Science and RRI on their institutional websites.