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The aim of the ORION Open Science project is to explore ways in which research and funding organisations in life sciences and biomedicine can open up the way they fund, organise and do research, triggering institutional and cultural changes within these organisations. To highlight the ORION Open Science project activities, we organised three international workshops (online, due to the pandemic), one in June in the framework of an international conference and two in September 2021. The objectives of the ORION final workshops were the following:

  1. To share theORION activities, including co-creation and citizen science activities and projects, as well as trainings.

  2. To disseminate the experience and lessons gained throughout the project.

  3. To discuss ways to further implement RRI and Open Science on institutional, national and European level.

The workshops were targeted at representatives from research performing and funding organisations, science engagement practitioners, high-level national and international expert stakeholders, policy makers, science engagement managers and practitioners as well as other EU-funded projects.

The fact that the final ORION workshops were held online facilitated the participation of contributors and made it possible for delegates all over the world to join the events. Each event attracted 100 participants from Europe and the US. This also resulted in a wider dissemination of the ORION activities, a global uptake of views and mutual learning on Open Science and RRI as well as rich and fruitful discussions on the implementation of Open Science in a global context. The latter was not a project objective but a positive advantage of bringing together the Open Science community online.

This deliverable 6.5 Report on the final international workshops consists of a comprehensive report about the ORION final workshops including description of the events, programmes and contributors, evaluation and feedback from the participants, as well as communication and promotion activities.