Are you part of a civil society organisation?

The aim of the ORION Open Science project is to explore the way life science organisations can open up how they fund, organise, and practice research. Civil society organisations are core stakeholders to the project as they have thorough knowledge on how to reach out to and engage with society at large.   

Open Science is a key part of the European policy initiative Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). It relies on a joint effort from a multi-actor society whereby researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, and NGOs work side-by-side during the whole research and innovation process in order to align scientific outcomes with the ethical values, the requirements, and the expectations of society.

How to be involved in ORION?

Civil society organisations will have a crucial role when it comes to involving citizens in co-creation activities, such as public dialogues, which provide them with a voice to influence and shape research and innovation in order to produce socially desirable outcomes. The results will be used for designing processes and new methods to engage citizens.

For additional info, take a look at the content selected for you here below and visit the RRI Tools website.