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Join the ORION session on "Public Dialogues as a tool for public engagement" on 1 December during the Engage Festival 2020. The online Engage Festival brings together all of those keen to support the role of public engagement in reimagining our world and this year's theme is Engagement, innovation and change.

At the ORION session "Public Dialogues: A valuable tool for HEI?" on 1 December at 15:00-16:00 (GMT) we will present and discuss the many benefits organizing public dialogues may offer your public engagement activities. We will bring together public engagement professionals and other key professionals who led the ORION public dialogues in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Czech Republic to discuss the lessons learned and recommendations for the future.

During ORION Public dialogues we explored the views of the public on genome editing in research, a topic that lies very close to all ORION participating organisations. As a result, not only did we learn about public attitudes towards genome editing but also about the benefits and limitations of conducting a public dialogue in a higher education context.

Join our session at Engage Festival to find out more!

For more information about the Engage Festival and registration please see the event website and the draft programme.


Public dialogue at Babraham Insitute
Public dialogue in the UK organized by Babraham Institute Photo: Maria Hagardt
Arts exhibition at the Public Dialogue in Sweden
Participants at the Swedish public dialogue viewing the art exhibition - AEON-Trajectories of Longevity and CRISPR Photo: Maria Hagardt