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Meet the ORION team and get a glimpse of our public engagement activities at the online Future of SciComm conference on 25 June. The conference brings together European actors from research and practice of science communication and is co-organised by Wissenschaft im Dialog, the organization for science communication in Germany, and ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities.

Global societal challenges together with growing public interest in science present both opportunities as well challenges for the research world. Open Science is a way to ensure that citizens are involved in research, and that the views of different stakeholders are taken into consideration when shaping science agendas and research projects. But putting this into practice is not always as easy as it might appear in theory. So how can science communication practitioners, researchers, policy makers and research funding bodies successfully engage with the public, and ensure that their values and interests are taken into account? 

25 June at 09:45-11:00 CET Online session - Engaging the public in science through dialogue and co-creation 

During the session we will showcase a range of innovative methods and activities for engaging the public in science that have been developed and tested during the ORION project since start in April 2017. Examples include co-creation formats and methodologies, citizen science approaches, public and multi-stakeholder dialogues as well as gamification.

Participants will have the opportunity to pick between themes to dive more deeply into the methodologies and learnings in conversation with those behind the activities. They will also be invited to share views on when and how to engage the public with science and what kind of tools/measures this requires and the possibilities it may bring.

25 June 11.30-12.45 CET Virtual poster presentation - Tell me more: Open Science for the masses

The ORION training team will be holding a virtual poster session where they will be presenting the ORION Open Science podcast and sharing their tips and tricks for setting up a successful podcast.

For more information about the Future of SciComm conference and registration please see the event website. Get in touch with Maria Hagardt, International Relations and Communications Manager at VA (Public & Science) for more information about the ORION sessions.