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South Moravian Centre for International Mobility

JCMM is a non-profit organisation which provides support and assistance to students and researchers based in the South Moravian Region. It was founded in 2006 by the South Moravian Regional Authority, has 20 full-time employees and around 100 external collaborators.

JCMM has been the coordinator of a number of national and international projects aimed at secondary, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students in the Czech republic, in EU states as well as from the  third countries. The projects contributed to enhacement of students´ expertise in relevant scientific fields, soft & presentation skills, language knowledge and links with research centres both local and international. JCMM also acts as the  "SoMoPro" administrator, the only COFUND programme in the Czech Republic.

The Team

Miloš Šifalda


Michael Doležal

Deputy Director

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