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The questionnaire used in the online quantitative ORION Open Science self-assessment study is now available and free to use to support other research funding and performing organisations to carry out self-assessment activities. The study which examined the views and practices of Open Science in the ORION partner institutions was developed and carried out by the Centre for Research in Science and Mathematics Education (CRECIM). 

As part of ORION’s Evaluation, Analysis and Benchmarking activities, aself-assessment study has been carried out, examining the views and practices of Open Science in the ORION partner Institutions; four research performing organisations (RPO) and two research funding organisations (RFO). This has been done through two different studies:

  • First, a qualitative study of the most relevant views and practices on Open Science at ORION institutionsdone through eleven interviews that involved six Directors of the RFPOs participating in the ORION project, the director of a civil society organisation and four RRI promoters at RPOs.
  • Secondly, a large-scale quantitative study regarding the prevalence of these views and practices throughout the RFPOs, based on an online questionnaire disseminated through all staff members of the four research performing organisations and the two research funding organisations in the ORION Open Science project. 

The objectives of this study were manifold. First, to explore the views and experiences on Open Science of those institutional actors with a more extensive relationship with Open Science policies and practices in their institutions as well as to measure how these different views were distributed through the ORION institutions as a whole; this would, in turn, help define relevant patterns of views on and experiences of Open Science. 

The study was not only designed to help providing implications for ORION project development but also to support other Research Funding and Performing organizations to carry out self-assessment activities about Open Science views and practices. For this reason, the questionnaire used in the quantitative analysisis now available online and free to use

The questionnaire and the study was developed by the Centre for Research in Science and Mathematics Education (CRECIM) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in close collaboration with other ORION partners. For more information regarding the survey, please contact Marina Jiménez, at CRECIM.