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The aim of the ORION Open Science was to explore ways in which research performing and research funding organisations in life sciences and biomedicine can open up the way they fund, organise and do research. During the project lifetime we have developed and tested a wide range of of engagement methods, funding schemes, training materials and co-creation activities to engage the public in science. Communication and dissemination activities have been important and integral parts for the success of the project.

The outreach and embedding Work Package, WP6, was led by VA (Public & Science), which has been responsible for the overall communication management of the ORION project, whereas all partners have supported and contributed to the communication and dissemination activities. WP6 set the framework for project communication through the Dissemination and Communication Plan (D6.1), by giving communication support to the other WPs, by communicating and disseminating project information through different channels and by promoting the project objectives and activities to relevant stakeholders: business and industry, research community, educational community, policy makers and civil society organisations.

The open communication approach of the ORION project, involving and encouraging all partners to communicate about the project, has resulted in extensive communication activity in social media, a good number of visitors to the website, and participation in a large number of conferences and workshops. This is also reflected in the statistics of the different communication channels.

This final report on dissemination activities covers all the communication and dissemination activities from the project start on 1 May 2017 until the project end on 30 September 30 2021.