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Genigma - Become a genome explorer!

Join our Citizen Science project and become a genome explorer! By playing the Genigma game you will help researchers at Centre for Genomic Regulation to discover genomic alterations in cancer cells. This concerted effort will help them to understand which parts of the genome may play a crucial role in cancer development. Imagine you in a not-too-distant technological future. A supercomputer has been designed to analyse the genome map. It’s constantly processing data and visualising them using a language that only part of the population is able to interpret: the members of the Genigma community. Game on!


Virus fighter - Stop the virus from spreading!

Babraham scientists and public engagement staff have together with school pupils produced a game which engages members of the public with the science behind infections, immunity and vaccinations - the Virus fighter. In the game, players will discover more about the spread of viral outbreaks and the importance of vaccinations and learn how to make informed decisions. Game on!

Virus Fighter