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Since its commitment to the Open Responsible research and Innovation principles, the CRG has been exploring ways to incorporate the views and ideas of civil society and different stakeholders into their 2021-2024 research strategy. During 2020 the institute therefore conducted a Public Dialogue with two fundamental goals. Firstly, to take the opinions of civil society and strategic stakeholders into account for the development of a CRG research and public engagement strategy better aligned with society’s views, values and expectations. Internally, the aim of this exercise has also been to promote a cultural change in the perception of open science throughout the CRG community.

The aim of this public dialogue was to explore ways to incorporate the views and ideas held by civil society and different stakeholders into the 2022-2026 research strategy. To cover specific objectives, in the course of this document, we have analysed: the different perceptions of the public and stakeholders about the CRG's research areas, the ethical issues that may arise in research, basic research, the funding of scientific research and basic research, and science communication.

This report gives details information on the design and running of the public dialogue. Please also see the Executive summary of the report.