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The Central European Institute of Technology

CEITEC at Masaryk University was established in 2009 as an independent institute focused solely on research. Since 2011, it operates as part of the CEITEC consortium consisting of four leading Brno universities and two research institutes who joined forces in order to establish a supraregional centre of scientific excellence combining life sciences, advanced materials and nanotechnologies. The main research areas of the part of CEITEC based at the Masaryk University are Structural Biology, Plant Biology, Molecular Medicine and Neurosciences. The whole CEITEC consortium comprises of 7 research programmes and 12 core facilities, with a total of 60 research groups, over 500 researchers and 25,000 m2 of new labs.

The Team

Dr Kateřina Ornerová

Head of Strategy and Science Department

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Dr Pavla Foltynová

Head of Strategy and Science Department

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Hana Macháčková

Scientfic Researcher

Karolína Zoufalová

Project Administrator

Mariana Tesařová, MSc

Project Manager

Martin Lakomý

Scientific Researcher