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Participants at ORION Researcher workshop at the MDC

What research future do scientists want to see? At the pilot of the ORION Open Science Training Workshop in Germany participants were asked not only to imagine that future, but also to expand on how it could become a reality. The ideas the scientists came up with mapped very closely to the tools and principles of the Open Science movement. For example, one group identified barrier-free sharing of data between scientists to speed up research. 

Participants meet open access expert
Participants talk to Open Access expert Wolf Schröder-Barkhausen from the MDC Library

This exercise in envisioning a better future for research formed just one part of the full day training workshop at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) . Researchers also studied Open Science factsheets and had the opportunity to sit down with experts in Open Access, Open Data, and Public Engagement to ask in-depth questions about the details of Open Science. The day finished with each participant completing an action plan detailing the steps they can take to implement Open Science. 

This workshop is only the beginning, in 2019 Dr Luiza Bengtsson and Dr Emma A Harris will be delivering Open Science training workshops in the six partner countries involved in the ORION Project. Details will be released soon, but as it stands...the future is open! 

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