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The ORION partner South Moravian Centre for International MobilityJCMM in Czech Republic has granted ten innovative projects €5.000 each, which were selected from their regional call for open science projects on local societal challenges. The call was open for master and doctoral students from local universities in Brno and 45 project proposals were received.

The objective of the call was to stimulate the usage of Open Science principles in common perception and everyday use in the research and scientific work of young students. The competition was open to both Czech and foreign students based in Brno. Project proposals had to have a focus on one of the following domains: life sciences, environmental, social, economic, technical and/or medical domain and include any of the following Open Science attributes:

  1. Transparency in experimental methodology, observation and data collection
  2. Public availability and reusability of scientific data
  3. Public accessibility and transparency of scientific communication
  4. Usage of web tools to enhance scientific cooperation.

45 proposals were received, and ten innovative projects were then chosen by open peer review and followed by an expert evaluation. The winning projects are: 

  • Abraham Diya, The Neural Correlates of Emotion Regulation, MU
  • Elrefae LinaThe role of p53 in neural differentiationMU
  • Kloučková MichaelaIn vitro respiratory toxicity models RESPIROMMU
  • Barák MartinModeling Alzheimer’s disease in the dishMU
  • Pejchalová LucieOpen access to calcium phosphate scaffolds technology for regenerative medicineVUT
  • Langová LucieEfficacy of different bovine footbath disinfectants at various temperaturesMENDELU
  • Dugová Hana3D models with bio-originVUT
  • Náplavová EvaPure Water for Brno – Influence of controlled flushing of the water supply network on stability of the drinking water qualityVUT
  • Vaculíková KláraPollution entering the Moravian Karst via surface streamsVUT
  • Kubová MichaelaLet’s clean South Moravia from heavy metals: genomic variation in heavy metal hyperaccumulating plant species Noccaea caerulescensMU

(abbreviations indicate the host institution: MU – Masaryk University, VUT – Brno University of Technology, MENDELU – Mendel University/College of Agriculture).

The ten winning regional citizen science projects
The ten winning regional Open Science projects

The local grants have been awarded directly to the researchers to solve their research question, thus minimizing the administrative burden for them and other parts of the research team. 

The one year projects have just started and to find out more about the call please see the JCMM website or get in touch with Ing. Michael Doležal at JCMM.