Are you in the business or industry sector?

The aim of the ORION Open Science project is to explore the way life science organisations can open up how they fund, organise and practice research. An important aspect of Open Science is how to apply open data and open access principles, as well as how to involve the end-users in the research process. Stakeholders from business and industry (for example, pharmaceutical and biotech companies) are important to the project in order to map barriers, opportunities, and incentives for implementing Open Science in ORION organisations, and in the wider research ecosystem.

ORION Open Science also embraces the European policy initiative on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). It relies on a joint effort of a multi-actor society wherein researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, industry, and NGOs work side-by-side during the whole research and innovation process in order to align scientific outcomes with the ethical values, the requirements, and the expectations of society.

How to be involved in ORION?

Stakeholders from the business sector and life science industry will be invited to take part in activities for mapping barriers and incentives, in public dialogues and other participatory events. The results will be used for developing processes on how to open up research and how to involve diverse actors, including the end-users.

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