Are you a researcher?

Open Science promotes collaborations between researchers and it has many benefits, such as making research findable and accessible for a greater number of fellow researchers. The ORION project aims to trigger institutional and cultural change in research and funding organizations in life sciences and biomedicine to ‘embed’ Open Science. This will be achieved by supporting researchers in understanding and participating in Open Science practices. ORION will provide training as well as opportunities for greater engagement with diverse audiences through citizen science activities and co-creation experiments, including public dialogues on research strategy and disruptive technologies.

How to be involved in ORION?

The four research performing organizations within ORION (CEITEC, BI, MDC and CRG) are functioning as a testing ground for the different Open Science approaches (e.g. public dialogues, citizen science calls) and the evaluations of institutional change in each of them. Researchers will also be the beneficiaries of our training and educational resources.

Researchers are a key target group that we wish to support in becoming better informed about Open Science, to enable this ORION provides a range of training and educational resources.

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