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The ORION project will develop training content for researchers and professional staff at funding agencies on RRI and Open Science concepts, practices and tools.

Many researchers and funding bodies are aware of the concepts of Open Science and RRI but going from awareness to actual application in daily research activities is a big step. For many, taking this step seems impossible due to real or perceived constraints of basic research or funding policies. To lower the threshold for application, we aim to provide training in RRI and Open Science concepts and tools, and show how these can be applied in fundamental research and funding processes and decisions.

If you are interested in hosting an Open Science training workshop please contact:

We do not require payment, all your organisation needs to supply is a room suitable for group work and refreshments. The workshops are highly interactive and suitable for a max 20 participants. 


Learn more about ORION Training here

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Zoe Ingram

Introducing a new team member to our ORION team at the MDC: Zoe Ingram (  

Zoe is currently in the last year of her Master Degree in educational sciences and will work Luiza and Emma on developing the theoretical framework for our training approach. 



  • Dr. Luiza Bengtsson, Public Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Officer, MDC
    • WP4 Leader for Training in ORION

Photo of Luiza Bengtsson

  • Dr Emma Harris, Project Manager, Communications Department, MDC
    • WP4 Training Developer for ORION

Photo of Emma Harris

The Benefits of Open Science For You The European Commission has pledged its support to improve accessibility and openness in science, but what does this mean for researchers? In this training session, organised by the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) as part of the...


Read an article about this event here . Luiza Bengtsson and Emma Harris have been accepted to do a meet-up session at Re:publica a large digital culture conference (9,000 attendees last year). ‘Doctor, Doctor, Where is my Digital Diagnosis?’ will be a collaboration with Prof. Uwe Ohler, a Systems Biologist...


The European Commission has pledged its support to improve accessibility and openness in science, but what does this mean for Research Funders? In this training session, organized by the ORION Open Science H2020 project, the concepts of Open Science will be explained and explored. This interactive workshop will allow participants...