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Ideas MELting pot for TIC and Health Science for Citizens in Small communities - MELTIC will improve the quality of life for EU citizens in small communities by co-creating and developing ICT health services with stakeholders including local residents. 

The project, which started on 1st March 2020, brings together two disciplines; health as well as information and communication technologies (ICT), and will improve the quality of life of European citizens in small communities. The objective is to generate, through co-creation methodologies, suitable ideas for research in ICT in health and biomedicine, in topics such as self-learning, false information, discrimination and ludopathy prevention in order to innovate about the use of existing public spaces and/or build new ones.

The project is led by Victoria Ramos, a scientist from the Telemedicine and Digital Health Unit at ISCIII. The MELTIC project also includes four European partners from Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. All of them representing small and isolated communities as; La Palma del Condado Municipality in Huelva, Spain, Mirabello Municipality in Italy, Deta in Romania and Reguengos de Monsaraz in Portugal. 

The project has from August 2020 - February 2021 held co-creation workshops with municipalities across the EU and elaborated on a co-creation dossier for health and wellbeing related solutions for small and isolated communities.

The ideas generated in the co-creation workshops have been compiled in a 100 ideas Vademecum which will be compiled in a digital dossier in order to facilitate the 100 ideas Vademecum. 

More information

For more information about the MELTIC project please get in touch with Iris de San Pedro Botas, Instituto de Salud Carlos III and have a look at the ISCIII website (in Spanish).

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