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Join us at the Engage 2018 Conference in Edinburgh to discuss the future of public engagement and the findings in our pan-European study "Public attitudes to life sciences research, public involvement and genome editing in six European countries" which was conducted in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The ORION project seeks to support research funding and performing organisations in opening up the way they fund, organise and perform research to society to incorporate di erent views in their processes with the aim of increasing research societal impact. To identify what the public expects from fundamental biomedical research, we conducted a survey among 6,000 people in UK, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany to and out citizens’ views on life sciences research, personal involvement and genome editing. The survey will be presented at the poster session at the Engage Conference. 

For more information please get in touch with Emma Martinez of Babraham Institute and read the summary of the study.