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On 10 December the ORION partner Babraham Institute will arrange a workshop on Open Science for UK stakeholders to discuss their views, expectations and roles within this European research priority. The workshop is by invitation only, and will take place at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge.

During the workshop we will discuss the results of the two reports on Open Science; "Public attitudes to life sciences research in six European countries" and the internal self-assessment study with ORION partners, that we have produced from the ORION project. The results from these reports will be used to facilitate discussions among participants. The object of this workshop is to establish new connections between different research stakeholders (funders, policy makers, research community leaders, and publishers), learning more about Open Science and to support improving the quality of the research and innovation system by making it more inclusive to different inputs.  

For more information about the stakeholder workshop, please get in touch with Emma Martinez at the Babraham Institute.