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Engaging with multiple stakeholders in co-creation experiments to explore different ways to make scientific research more participatory is at the heart of the ORION project. During the coming months national stakeholder workshops on Open Science will be held in the ORION partner countries. First in line was Czechia where the ORION partner CEITEC hosted a national stakeholder workshop on 25 September. The aim with the workshop was to put forward recommendations for the national priorities on Open Science.

Almost 50 participants including scientists, members of business community, policy makers, journalists and Open Science enthusiasts arrived in Prague to take part in the first ORION stakeholder workshop. During this highly interactive workshop the participants discussed and put forward recommendations for the national priorities on Open Science and suggested steps to effectively implement an Open Science agenda in Czechia. The overall goal for this event was to put in motion steps to raise the awareness and involvement of science for society, and society in science.

Workshop participants discussing Open Science

The next stakeholder workshop will be held on 8-9 November in conjunction with the 11th Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2018 in Bonn. For more information and to stay tuned, have look at our calendar of events.