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The ORION partner South Moravian Centre for International Mobility JCMM will award 10 grants of €5000 to master and doctorate students from universities in Brno, who will present their innovative projects with the Open Science attributes within the framework of "local societal challenges“. Registration is open until 15 January 2019.

The competition is open to both Czech and foreign students as long as they and their projects meet the established competition domains; environmental, social, economic, technical and medical domain and the Open Science attributes:

  1. Transparency in experimental methodology, observation and data collection
  2. Public availability and reusability of scientific data
  3. Public accessibility and transparency of scientific communication
  4. Usage of web tools to enhance scientific cooperation.

The purpose of this support is education of usage of Open Science principles in common perception and everyday use in the research and scientific work of young students who are then able to infiltrate these principles to scientific, respectively laic society. Through the financial support, JCMM give the scholarship holder the space to fully engage in the work on the project.

Conditions for participation in the competition

  • full-time study at a partner university (MU, MENDELU, VFU, VUT, UO, JAMU)
  • master’s studies, doctoral studies
  • the project fulfills Open Science principles
  • the project thematically fulfills one or more (multidisciplinary) established domains
  • the objective of the project is to offer a solution to one of the current pressing regional problems (South-Moravian region, Statutory city of Brno)
  • the candidate must not be a stipendist of the Brno Ph.D. Talent 2016-2018
  • the candidate has to meet all registration conditions during the scholarship

Important! As a candidate, you must complete the registration conditions along the duration of the scholarship (i.e by a full time student). The competition project is submitted and communicated in English.

Candidates register themselves in the competition via the JCMM website untill January 15th, 2019. Applications consist of a candidate’s CV, a description of the scientific project and meeting with a supervisor and familiarization with the background of the project.

The competition has three rounds

  1. Formal control of applications (=eligibility check)
  2. Open-peer review
  3. Professional evaluation of applications by international commissioners

The dates of each round can be found in the competition time schedule.

More information and application is available on the JCMM website. Please contact  Ing. Michael Doležal at JCMM if you need any additional information.


ORION’s activities are primarily targeted at organizations working in the field of natural sciences and biomedicine our vision is to “incorporate” the principles of Open Science and the rules of responsible research and innovations, which are:

  • ethics
  • gender equality
  • management
  • open access
  • public involvement
  • scientific education
  • into to rules of management, processes and procedures of organizations financing and implementing research activities.