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The Final Evaluation and Quality Report of the ORION Open Science project gives an overview of all the project activities and learnings. The report is organized in three parts:

  1. A general introduction to the project, presenting ORION strategies and actions as well as overall statistics on the participating experts and citizens.
  2. The Evaluation report, presenting the main results arisen from the efforts devoted to the Work Package 5 focused on evaluating ORION training actions in Open Science and multiple co-creation experiments. Moreover, the report includes the main recommendations that the CRECIM (UAB) team has elaborated from its evaluation experience in the four-year lifetime of the project. In addition, the report offers an overview of the culture change happened in the institutions participating in ORION, according to the views of their Directors and RRI experts.

  3. The Quality report, showing the strategies, channels and results promoted by the ORION Management team to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Through the document, links are provided to the ORION website where the public deliverables are accessible for the reader to find out further details on the evaluations that were carried out.

ORION evaluation report