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The discovery of the application of CRISPR / Cas9 in eukaryotic cells has been one of the greatest advances in biotechnology in recent years, among other reasons, due to the multiple advantages it presents (compared with other genetic editing techniques), as well as due to the various possible applications and areas of research it generates. However, this discovery involves not only a great responsibility but also multiple challenges at a bioethical, scientific and societal level.

In this article, "Editar o no editar. Aquesta és la qüestió" (To edit or not to edit. That is the question.), we will discuss these challenges and explain, briefly, the ORION Open Science project, and the public dialogue initiative related to socio-scientific issues.  Finally, we will mention the educational potential the debate on ethical implications in genetic edition has and how this can be addressed in the classroom.

The article written by Dr Emma Martinez, Babraham Institute, was published in Catalan in the CRECIM (UAB) journal, Ciències issue 37 on 31 May 2019