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In this Live Chat on 3 September, Dr Emma Harris, of MDC and Dr Ann Grand, from Wellcome Trust discussed what Open Science is all about, why it's important and what are the concerns and expectations from the research and funding community. 

Open Science is a hot topic at the moment: the implementation of Plan S is being decided, more and more researchers are using different digital tools to save and share their data, and science communication and public engagement is more critical than ever given the current political climate. How will these issues impact research funders? Why is Open Science important and what does it involve? What can the people working for funding organisations do to promote Open Science? What are researchers concerns and expectations regarding Open Science and funding?

In this 60 minute Live Chat Emma and Ann discussed these topics drawing on their expertise in Open Science. Emma Harris is a training developer of the ORION Training team and has been delivering training to researchers, research mangers, and funders for several years. Ann Grand is Senior Lead for Engaged Research and Public Engagement for the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health and has written extensively on Open Science issues. Emma and Ann also answered participant questions and comments.

Watch the full video from the Live Chat, or check out the different Open Science aspects:

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Find out more about the different Open Science aspects in the ORION Podcasts. The podcast is structured around a series of interviews with interesting guests about a variety of topics related to Open Science as: science communication, FAIR data, metrics, data sharing, publishing, open data, open access, open peer review, research integrity and more. The podcasts produced by Luiza Bengtsson and Emma Harris from the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC). A new episode is broadcasted every other Thursday.