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Do you enjoy science? Are you a young researcher based in the Czech Republic? Do you know how to write a good scientific article and engage your listeners? Do you want to become a successful scientist and would you like to learn more about Open Science? Join the ORION Open Science summer school in Brno on September 14 - 18, 2020.

Open access to scientific information is one of the basic conditions for the development of contemporary science. The availability of scientific information improves public services and enables faster deployment and cost-effective use of innovations. In a broader sense, we can imagine Open Science as a transformation of the scientific process to the possibilities of the 21st century. It is the young scientists, the Early Career Researchers, who will play a significant role in this transformation. The aim of the ORION Open Science Summer School is to provide participating young researchers with a comprehensive idea of ​​the new developments and trends that are currently happening in this area and how to combine them with the practical activities of a scientific career.

The ORION summer school takes place in Brno on September 14 - 18, 2020 and is open to all young researchers from the Czech Republic, i.e. to anyone who has completed a master's or engineering degree and plans to go on to doctoral studies. Participation is also open to those who have already started their scientific career, whether undertaking Ph.D. studies (on site/by distance learning) or working in any scientific or research institution in the Czech Republic or abroad. The summer school is organised into thematic sessions both mornings and afternoons. The working language is Czech (with the exception of an English session that may be included). The summer school is organised by the ORION partner South Moravian Centre for International Mobility, JCMM and is free of charge for participants. The number of participants is limited to 30 and participants will receive a certificate of completion.

 Please note that the registration via the web form closes on 4 September. For more information please get in touch with the organising team at JCMM.