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This webinar organized by La Caixa and Vitae on 29 November will establish what Open Science is and why it is needed. There will be an overview of the main areas of Open Science: Open Access, Open Data, Public Engagement, and Data Management and IP. In addition, there will be some practical tips on changes researchers can make towards Open Science, the potential career benefits of Open Science, and information on what resources the ORION project can provide.

Speakers are:

  • Dr Emma Harris works in the Communications Department at the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine. She is a Project Manager and Training Developer working on designing open science training and materials for the ORION Open Science Project.
  • Dr Kate Jones develops and manages the development, delivery and evaluation of Vitae’s researcher development training programmes in the UK and internationally. 

For more information please see the ORION Open Science powerpoint presentation "Opening Minds, Changing Habits" by Emma Harris.