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What do the public think about genome editing? That’s what we hope to find out through our public dialogues on genome editing which takes place in Prague on 19 and 30 of November. The aim with the public dialogues is to discuss the risks and opportunities of disruptive technologies and identify any concerns the public might have.

The public dialogues will involve engaging with 30 members of the Czech general public. The aim with the public dialogues is to better understand public opinion on disruptive technologies such as the new genome editing technique CRISPR/Cas9 used in science and research. The public dialogues will also advise how the ORION partner institutions could communicate new technologies with the public and how to implement the use of open consultations in the research process, in the design of call for fundings and in the policy advice process.

The public dialogues are organized by the ORION partners Babraham Institute in Cambridge, MDC in Berlin, CEITEC in Brno and VA (Public & Science) in Stockholm in close collaboration with Ipsos MORI UK. Participation in the public dialogue is by invitation only and the selection of the participants has been done through face-to-face interviews and they represent a demographic sample of the area.

For more information please get in touch with Stephanie Norwood at Babraham Institute.