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On 5 October the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, PRBB, will open up the doors to the public. Scientists and staff will showcase what they do, how they do it and where. You will also have the chance to try the prototype of the ORION funded Genigma game app. 

The aim with the Genigma game app is to discover genomic alterations in cancer cells. By playing the Genigma game, citizens will provide key contributions in revealing 3D genomic structures in healthy and cancer human cells. This will help to build a large dataset for the benefit of science and society as a whole. The game has been developed in collaboration with citizens and is now ready for beta testing.

Join the fun at the Open Day in Barcelona and become a Genome Explorer!

For more information about the game app and the prototype testing please get in touch with Elisabetta Broglio and see the Genigma website.