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The ORION partner, the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility, JCMM, organized an Open Science Summer School for doctoral students and young researchers on 14-18 September 2020. During this very intensive week, 35 young researchers and doctoral students were given an overview of open science principles and had the opportunity to learn and discuss issues that are important for them as future scientists.

The ORION Open Science summer school was open for students and researchers at local universities in Brno and to research and study offices in the Czech Republic. Around 80% of the participating students were from Brno and the others came from Prague´s Charles University, College of Chemistry and technology and the Czech Agriculture University.

ORION Summer School participants 2020
ORION Open Science Summer School participants 2020 Photo by: JCMM

To make this event international, Gareth O'Neill, Principal Consultant on Open Science, Technopolis Group, Brussels was invited as a speaker. Gareth gave an overview of the Open Science policy in Europe, debated different approaches to open access; green, gold and diamond. He also provided information on open licenses for use and concluded his talk with a presentation of citizen science. 

During the summer school, the students also did a study trip and visited the Brno Observatory and Planetarium (BOP). The BOP is a leading Brno institution in promoting and communicating science to general public, with a number of events taking place there every year. Mr Jan Píšala, BOP´s Deputy Director, gave a presentation on BOP’s achievements since its re-opening in 2011. The summer school participants had also an opportunity to visit the observatory itself which has the largest telescope in Moravia.

Study visit to the BOP
Study visit to the BOP Photo by: Michael Dolezal, JCMM

The ORION Open Science summer school included a combination of several different methods; face-to-face debate, group assignments, micro-projects and presentations. The students also had to debate their research topic with the presenters.

For more information, please get in touch with Michael Dolezal at JCMM.