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Inspiring story - Pollution project captures the imagination of primary school children

Talking about pollution on a global level is important, but for communities, it is equally important to understand and discuss how pollution is affecting their local environment. Protecting areas of local natural beauty is crucial in local communities, but this is difficult to achieve if people don’t know about the environmental threats that their local area faces. Klára Vaculíková from Brno University technology designed a project to engage school classes who helped to monitor levels of the water pollutant phosphorus in the Moravský kras which is a spectacular natural limestone feature to the north of Brno. This project was funded as part of a co-creation call from the ORION partner JCMM.

ISCIII MELTIC-project winner of the ORION call for Novel Co-creation Initiatives

The MELTIC project “Ideas MELting pot for TIC and Health Science for Citzens in Small communities” coordinated by the ORION partner Carlos III National Health Institute, ISCIII , is the winner of the ORION call for Novel Co-creation Initiatives after competing against eleven other European project proposals. The project will improve the quality of life for EU citizens in small communities by co-creating and developing ICT health services with stakeholders.

Let’s make science open! Meet us at ESOF 2018 in Toulouse

The aim with ORION is to explore ways in which research and funding organisations in life sciences and biomedicine can open up the way they fund, organise, and practice research. We have recently conducted a study in six European countries about the public’s attitudes toward Open Science and genome editing. At ESOF 2018 we would like to have your views.

Opening up Research in Life Sciences and Biomedicine

How do you trigger institutional, cultural and behavioural changes in research organizations to foster open science and RRI? The ORION project is exploring these questions. In the TEAM ZBW Mediatalk interview, Dr. Michela Bertero and Dr. Luiza Bengtsson give some details on the projects goals, actions and learnings on fostering open science and responsible research and innovation (RRI).

Stakeholder workshops at the heart of the ORION project

Engaging with multiple stakeholders in "co-creation” experiments to explore different ways to make scientific research more participatory is at heart of the ORION project. During the coming months national stakeholder workshops on Open Science will be held in the ORION partner countries. First in line was Czechia where the ORION partner CEITEC hosted a national stakeholder workshop on 25 September. The aim with the workshop was to put forward recommendations for the national priorities on Open Science.

Top down and bottom up: Highlights from the ORION Open Science virtual final Conference

September marked the official end of the ORION Open Science EU-project and the final conference was held on 27-28 September to wrap up all of the activities, insights and opinions from very fruitful 4,5 years. The aim of the ORION project has been to trigger institutional, cultural and behavioural changes in Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RFOs and RPOs) towards Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The conference provided an opportunity to review ORION’s achievements and share key lessons and experiences to help others put open science into practice too.