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Stakeholder workshops at the heart of the ORION project

Engaging with multiple stakeholders in "co-creation” experiments to explore different ways to make scientific research more participatory is at heart of the ORION project. During the coming months national stakeholder workshops on Open Science will be held in the ORION partner countries. First in line was Czechia where the ORION partner CEITEC hosted a national stakeholder workshop on 25 September. The aim with the workshop was to put forward recommendations for the national priorities on Open Science.

What will you choose from the ORION Co-Creation Menu?

Co-creation experiments and experiences are at the heart of the ORION project, bringing together multiple stakeholders from academia, industry, policy and citizens at all points of the research lifecycle. As an initial step the Babraham Institute ORION team looked for inspiration for their co-creation experiments from previous engagement tools and methods that have been used to bring together different actors from society.