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At the final conference of the ORION Open Science project on 27-28 September, we will be sharing achievements and lessons gained throughout the project . The virtual final conference is free of charge and open to anyone interested in Open Science practices and discussing its future implications in a national and international context.


The online Living Knowledge Conference aims to bring together all those involved in doing or supporting research with and for communities. What can we learn from each other’s approaches? How can we collaborate? Which links have been forged and which could we still make? The ORION project will participate with a poster presentation on how to engage the public in Open Science.


The findings of the ORION public dialogue on genome editing in life sciences research were presented at an event on 11th March 2021. The findings bring together four public dialogue events held in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Czech Republic during 2019-2020. The dialogues sought to explore public attitudes to fundamental life sciences research when revolutionary genome editing technologies are used in order to understand when and how to engage audiences with emerging technologies. The public dialogue also sought to understand how public engagement strategies might differ between countries.


The ORION Training team will present the experiences gained from communicating Open Science through the ORION podcast in the session "Tell me more - exploring Open Science through podcasting" at the Open Science Conference at 12.15-13.45 (CET) on 17 February 2021. The conference provides a forum for all stakeholders to discuss the latest and future developments in Open Science. The event is arranged by the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science and this year’s conference will especially focus on the effects and impact of (global) crises and associated societal challenges, such as the Corona pandemic and the climate change.


Inspiring story - Harvesting the fruits of citizens' collaboration in the development of the Genigma game

Long-lived institutional change has always been one of the goals of ORION. It’s relatively easy to find and convince like-minded people that responsible research and innovation (RRI) is important. However, in order to bring about real change, it’s important to engage with people all the way through an institution. Only then can true institutional change become a reality.

Inspiring story - Using Art as a way to level the playing field when discussing science

Can art help to explain scientific concepts? During the course of the ORION project, artist Emilia Tikka designed an art piece to represent a possible future scenario where it was possible to prevent aging using genome editing. The art piece was produced by Tikka while she was on a residency with the ORION partner, the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin. There she spent time in a molecular biology lab and developed the concept for her art piece titled “ÆON - Trajectories of Longevity and CRISPR.”

ORION Open Science has ended but the journey towards open science has only just begun

Public dialogues, citizen science, game development, co-creation activities and action plans on open science. For 4.5 years, the ORION Open Science project consisting of 8 European partners has been testing different ways to involve the public and other stakeholders in the research process. The aim of the project was to investigate how research and funding organisations can "open up" the way they fund and do research.

Public dialogue to spur engagement? ORION at Engage Festival 2020

The online Engage Festival, organised by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) in the UK brought together public engagement and science communication professionals from all over the UK and the EU for discussions, knowledge exchange and networking. The ORION project ran a session to share experiences of how public dialogues could be a tool for public engagement on societal issues such as genome editing.

Putting Open Science into practice - ORION at PCST 2020+1

The Public Communication of Science and Technology, PCST, conferences take place every two years, bringing together practitioners, educators and researchers in the diverse and growing field of science communication. The Covid-19 pandemic and science engagement were unsurprisingly key themes addressed throughout this year's PCST conference in late May 2021. The ORION team participated in the VA Public & Science’s roundtable session on ‘Engaging the Public through Open Science – Putting theory into practice’ which showcased practical examples of methods and activities for engaging the public in the research process.