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The ORION Training team will present the experiences gained from communicating Open Science through the ORION podcast at the Open Science Conference online on 17-19 of February 2021. The conference provides a forum for all stakeholders to discuss the latest and future developments in Open Science. The event is arranged by the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science and this year’s conference will especially focus on the effects and impact of (global) crises and associated societal challenges, such as the Corona pandemic and the climate change.


The event has been postponed to February and we will communicate the date shortly. The objective of the public dialogue was to explore what challenges and opportunities the public has concerning genome editing uses in fundamental research, what similarities and differences exist across countries, and how research organisations should communicate and engage with society about this emerging technology. Join this event to discuss with us how this public dialogue can contribute to inform strategies and the wider responsible research and innovation global efforts.


Inspiring story - Using Art as a way to level the playing field when discussing science

Can art help to explain scientific concepts? During the course of the ORION project, artist Emilia Tikka designed an art piece to represent a possible future scenario where it was possible to prevent aging using genome editing. The art piece was produced by Tikka while she was on a residency with the ORION partner, the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin. There she spent time in a molecular biology lab and developed the concept for her art piece titled “ÆON - Trajectories of Longevity and CRISPR.”

Public dialogue to spur engagement? ORION at Engage Festival 2020

The online Engage Festival, organised by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) in the UK brought together public engagement and science communication professionals from all over the UK and the EU for discussions, knowledge exchange and networking. The ORION project ran a session to share experiences of how public dialogues could be a tool for public engagement on societal issues such as genome editing.