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That’s what we hope to find out through a series of public dialogues on genome editing in the ORION partnering countries Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and the UK. The aim with the public dialogues is to discuss the risks and opportunities of disruptive technologies and identify any concerns the public might have.

To ensure that the public dialogues will have the right focus and cover all relevant aspects of genome editing, stakeholder workshops will be held in each of the four countries starting from September. The workshops will bring together stakeholders from across a range of specialisms to help ensure the public participants engage with, and are exposed to, the current live issues and debates around the use of genome editing.  

The public dialogues will be held in Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and the UK, and involve engaging with 120 members of the public from October 2019 till February 2020. The aim with the public dialogues is to better understand public opinion on disruptive technologies such as the new genome editing technique CRISPR/Cas9 used in science and research. The public dialogues will also advise how the ORION partner institutions could communicate new technologies with the public and how to implement the use of open consultations in the research process, in the design of call for fundings and in the policy advice process.

The stakeholder workshops and public dialogues will be organsied by the ORION partners Babraham Institute in Cambridge, MDC in Berlin, CEITEC in Brno and VA (Public & Science) in Stockholm in close collaboration with Ipsos MORI UK.

For more information please see the co-creation ctivities calendar or get in touch with Stephanie Norwood at Babraham Institute.