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Ideas from citizens generate sparks at the first co-creation event of Genigma

The first co-creation event of the Citizen Science project Genigma kick-started at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona in January where close to 40 participants engaged with their most creative ideas to develop an app to discover the genomic alterations in cancer cells. Genigma is one of the two Citizen Science projects that has received funding from the ORION project.

Opening up Research in Life Sciences and Biomedicine

How do you trigger institutional, cultural and behavioural changes in research organizations to foster open science and RRI? The ORION project is exploring these questions. In the TEAM ZBW Mediatalk interview, Dr. Michela Bertero and Dr. Luiza Bengtsson give some details on the projects goals, actions and learnings on fostering open science and responsible research and innovation (RRI).

Regional Open Science projects – Public Peer review is now open

The ORION partner South Moravian Centre for International Mobility JCMM in Czechia, has received 45 project proposals in their regional call for open science projectson local societal challenges. The call was open for masters and doctoral students from local universities in Brno. The project proposals are now open for public peer review on the Authorea platform. Ten of the received proposals will receive grants of €5000.

Tune in for our Open Science podcast!

Are you searching for a fun way to learn more about Open Science? The brand new ORION Open Science Podcast is now available. The ORION Open Science podcast is structured around a series of interviews with interesting guest about a variety of topics related to Open Science. Tune in for Episode 1 with Dr Janet Metcalfe from Vitae.

How open is your research? Use our Open Science questionnaire

The questionnaire used in the online quantitative ORION Open Science self-assessment study is now available and free to use to support other research funding and performing organisations to carry out self-assessment activities. The study which examined the views and practices of Open Science in the ORION partner institutions was developed and carried out by the Centre for Research in Science and Mathematics Education (CRECIM).

Open Science workshop for university students

The Czech partner JCMM held a workshop on Open Science for university students on 29th November. The aim of the workshop was to acquaint interested students with the ORION project, the principles for Open Science and the new call for Open Science projects which was recently launched by JCMM. The event was hosted by the Brno Urban Centre and attended by potential applicants from almost all eligible Brno universities.

ORION: Creating opportunities for Citizen Science research in life sciences

Citizen Science offers great opportunities for the public to participate in the research process themselves, instead of merely being informed of research results. In two pilot Citizen Science projects being supported by ORION Open Science, citizens will actively contribute to a research study to assemble cancer genomes in 3D by playing the Genigma video game and young people will be monitoring their daily activity to inform future health research in the SMOVE project.