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The findings of the ORION public dialogue on genome editing in life sciences research were presented at an event on 11th March 2021. The findings bring together four public dialogue events held in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Czech Republic during 2019-2020. The dialogues sought to explore public attitudes to fundamental life sciences research when revolutionary genome editing technologies are used in order to understand when and how to engage audiences with emerging technologies. The public dialogue also sought to understand how public engagement strategies might differ between countries.

The public dialogue was a collaboration between the following ORION partners the Babraham Institute (Cambridge, UK), the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (Berlin, Germany), the Central European Institute of Technology (Brno, Czech Republic) and VA Public & Science (Stockholm, Sweden) and was conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the ORION project.

Find out more about the key findings in the press release and the findings from each dialogue in the reports compiled by Ipsos MORI. A recording from the launch event and the presentations made by the speakers can be found below.

Programme of the event (click on the titles to view the slides):

More information

For more information about the public dialogues or this event please see the recording of the event below or on YouTube. You may also get in touch with Emma Martinez, Public Engagement Officer at the Babraham Institute.

Further reading

Public dialogue in Cambridge November 2019 Photo: Maria Hagardt, VA Public & Science
Public dialogue in Cambridge November 2019 Photo: Maria Hagardt, VA Public & Science
AEON exhibition in Stockholm
Public dialogue participants attending the AEON arts exhibition in Stockholm Photo: Ben Libberton, VA Pulic & Science
AEON Artwork
Art work AEON - Trajectories of Longevity and CRISPR  Photo: Zuzanna Kaluzna